You would like install windows 10 on removable media such as a external hard drive or a USB key, but you don't know how to do ? Indeed, it can be very Useful because this solution will allow you to access your Windows 10 computer on any machine. However, in order to démarrer directly Windows 10 since your external hard drive, it must be returned bootable. So for that we will show you how use WinToUSB software dedicated to'' installation of an operating system on theremovable ector. Then we will show you that this solution can be useful in certain cases but it is not without risks. So we will also offer you other alternatives.

How to use WinToUSB to install Windows 10 on an external hard drive?

If you just want install windows 10 on new internal hard drive following a disc change. You will not need to perform the steps below. So we advise you to read the following article: HOW TO INSTALL WINDOWS 10 ON A NEW HARD DRIVE?

WinToUSB is an easy-to-use software and above all free which will allow you install Windows 10 on the external hard drive. Know that it is necessary to download external software because at the moment Microsoft block installation on the removable media. So don't bother trying to use a bootable USB stick containing the Windows 10 installation media and then try to do an installation personalized on thee external hard drive because you will meet errors.

However, if you don't want to use this method. There are alternatives such as use of a virtual machine configured with the Windows 10 ISO file. We will detail this method in more detail below.

Download the WinToUSB application on your Windows 10 PC:

  1. Download WinToUSB on your Windows 10 PC,
  2. Click on the exe file downloaded to start the installation,
  3. allow the application to make changes to the device,
  4. Select your language,
  5. Accept the terms of the license agreement and click Next,
  6. Choose emplacement for installation,
  7. And follow the last steps of installation.

Download Windows 10 ISO File

Once WinToUSB installed, you should download Windows 10 ISO file which will allow the installation on the external hard drive :

  1. Go to Microsoft official site for download the support creation tool,
  2. Launch it exe file downloaded,
  3. allow the application to make changes to the device,
  4. Accept the conditions of use,
  5. And choose the following option: "Create an installation medium (USB key, DVD, or ISO file) for another PC"
  6. Then tick "Use the recommended options for this PC"
  7. And finally select "ISO file",

Format the external hard drive to be able to install Windows 10:

As soon as you have generated the ISO file on your PC, you will be able format external hard drive so that it is partitioned in the same way as a internal hard drive. Please note that by performing this procedure, you will lose all of the data saved on your external hard drive. So think about them in advance save on virtual storage medium such as OneDrive.

Your external hard drive will therefore have to have a partition intended for UEFI-BIOS In the format FAT32. The volume of the latter must be at least 100 mb. Then create a second partition in NTFS with the rest of the volume which will be allocated to your main reader containing the Windows 10 operating system.

If you do not know how to partition an external hard drive using the Disk Management tool. Do not hesitate to read the following article HOW TO PARTITION A HARD DRIVE ON WINDOWS 10?

Make the external hard drive bootable with WinToUSB:

  1. Open WinToUSB previously downloaded,
  2. In the game "Image file", select Windows 10 ISO file previously downloaded,
  3. Then choose the version Windows 10 Home and click on Next,
  4. If you haven't already, plug in your external hard drive and select it in the tool WinToUSB,
  5. The next step is to choose the partition intended for UEFI (boot) and the system partition on which will be installed Windows 10.
  6. Then it will be necessary to wait for the time to installation.

Restart a PC on an external hard drive:

When you have completed all of these steps. You will be able restart your PC so that he boot on the external hard drive. This will require you to access the boot menu your computer for change the boot order. You can access it using the touch dedicated. It varies from one manufacturer to another it may be the key F8, F12 ... Know that if you have a SSD hard drive on your PC, it will be necessary to be very lively because it starts very quickly. Once you have configured your pc so that he started on the fact the device connected to the USB port, you will access the first time to Windows 10 configuration utility. When this is done you will simply access a Windows 10 session as for a internal hard drive.

Why install Windows 10 on an external hard drive?

Windows Installer 10 on external hard drive may be an interim solution when the your PC's internal hard drive is no longer recognized. Indeed, without the latter your PC can not launch the operating system et start. So you will meet Problems Starting Windows 10. So with this solution you will be able again use your computer. However, this option is quite risky because all of your système is connected by USB.

Also know that if you just want access a Windows 10 PC from another computer. You can also use a virtual machine.

Access Windows 10 PC from Mac Computer:

You may have a Mac and you want access Windows 10 since this PC. For this we advise you to download an application to access a virtual machine. You have for example VirtualBox which has a version free. All you need is download ISO file de Windows 10 on the fact the official website of Microsoft in order to configure the machine on Windows 10.

To conclude : install windows 10 on external hard drive is possible. you have to use the WinToUSB software which will make your bootable external hard drive. However, it is important to know that the use of an operating system via the USB port stay enough risky. If you have encountered problems and if you are looking for personalized help, do not hesitate to contact the Microsoft support.